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Immediately leverage the resources of our experts for projects or long-term support.



As a personnel service provider, we test potential employees and thus only send you qualified applicants.



Save time, money and labor with our personnel services; inexpensive but humane. .

Do you know it too? You would like to achieve more, but you currently lack time and good personnel! Exactly in this situation we support our customers as a personnel service provider with our development and marketing resources.

Our personnel services

What if... We act as a personnel service provider, personnel consultancy and recruitment agency, advertise jobs and find the right people for your work.

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As an employer, there are many good reasons to outsource recruiting. Imagine having resources for web development, design and marketing and being able to take immediate action that includes increasing sales or reducing costs. Your offers and articles are in the foreground. What would you like to implement? Do you have high standards? Then you have come to the right place. Our services are tailored to your requirements. Contact us and benefit from our knowledge!

We offer you the possibility of freelancer, employee leasing or direct employment. We have the personnel development and personnel management for you in mind. Our pool of candidates consists of experts on job search, who are best suited for such jobs, who are looking for further education and a career. Outsourcing your recruitment is easy and, as studies have shown, has many advantages for you. Our recruitment services are diverse and cover a wide range of areas. No matter what industry you're in with your business, whether it's sales or events, whether it's for your headquarters or branch offices, put an online expert to work for you. Receive valuable tips and all this at a budget determined by you - in all industries, for all occupational fields, at all locations.

We create a custom job ad with your job. When applicants are looking for work and start job hunting, an accurate job description is crucial for them to read and apply. We create test questions/test scenarios to test the applicant in the initial selection process to find the right employee for you.

After the application has been reviewed, the next step in recruiting is for our recruiters to speak with applicants and test them in an initial interview. As a consulting personnel service provider and recruitment agency, we thus only pass on qualified profiles for your jobs and you do not need to deal with them in your company.

After reviewing the profiles, we arrange appointments and invite the candidates to an interview, where you can get a direct impression. The first contact is made. You learn more about the previous and possible career of the applicant.

Depending on the type, whether freelancer, temporary employment, employee leasing or permanent employment, the contracts are prepared and everything is accompanied by us. Our assisting personnel service and personnel placement is fully comprehensive and we secure you and your company in the best possible way. Here we pay particular attention to the law and legislation of the locations, whether locally in Germany or worldwide for the areas of freelancers, temporary employment or permanent placement.

Your advantages

Your benefit consists of a plannable, stress-free, secure and above all time-saving service that provides you with direct results.


Manage resources with predictable percentages for development, design, and all marketing areas.


Contractual assurance of deliverables, outcomes and costs as well as overarching NDA's with all stakeholders are part of our staffing services.


We act for you as a recruitment agency and personnel service provider and find the right candidates and employees for you and your customers.

Time saving

Die Personalbeschaffung und das Active Sourcing werden somit auf Ihrer Seite verringert. Das zahlt sich aus und schafft Ihnen Freiräume.

For employees

We have the following range of services for employees. Whether help in finding suitable further training or application tips for new jobs - we are happy to be there personally for our applicants. As a fair partner, we offer a top salary.

for employees

Through a simple placement, a fulfilling job quickly results. In the same way, we offer the chance to switch from temporary work as a temp to permanent employment. Whether permanent or freelance (temporary), we are committed to a better work-life balance. Our employees are trained and regularly attend training courses.

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About us

FSOM GmbH was re-established in Germany in 2020, after taking over the projects and clients of the online marketing agency in 2012. Currently we are a team of 8 people who find employees for you and convince them of your company. As a recruitment agency, we are always in contact with people looking for jobs who have a career as an online expert. Besides freelancer placement we are also specialized in employee leasing and temporary employment. We relieve you as an employer.

Dennis Hoinkis
Managing Director
Richard-Wagner-Str. 11
95444 Bayreuth, Bayern (Germany)
Dennis Hoinkis

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Tasks are mostly similar, but still very individual. Therefore, we take our time and create a customized job ad for your request. Test us free of charge and without obligation.
For price orientation Freelancer:
Senior Developer (en) from 25$/hour.
Senior Marketing (de) from 60$/hour.


For all new customers, we can provide a free SEA/SEO analysis and recommended action as a bonus. This goes beyond tools and helps you to take more positions.


For companies looking for a service provider to assist them, our agency offers customized solutions that save time and money.

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